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USInterlink specialized in Telecommunication Information and Location Intelligence for Investigators.Serving Private Investigators and Law Enforcement since 1998.
We provide real-time results – information direct from any Cellular or Landline carrier in USA or Canada.
Some carriers on our gateway:
Verizon Wireless | AT&T | Sprint | Nextel | US Cellular | T Mobile | TracFone | Metro PCS | Boost Mobile | Cricket
Updates received every 60 seconds.
No Monthly Fees, Set-up Fees or Membership Fees—you only pay for Verified accurate RESULTS!

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Sometimes when investigators look for individuals, they are searching non-published, unlisted phone numbers, wireless numbers Cellular phone numbers), we provide a “Live gateway” to establish real-time facts about any phone number.

Some investigators try and use free websites or out of date databases, which cost time and money. Yes “Free” is not FREE. Your time verifying old information cost you and your client money.

• USInterlink has an established reputation for providing reliable information since 1998.

• Our reverse cell phone lookup services are used by law enforcement and private investigators, in their professional searches.

• We have access to the most up-to-date cell phone lookup search information available excluding the Cell phone companies.

This web site has been on-line for over 16 years (before the Internet we had dial-up modem access) and used daily by Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Detectives and professionals to obtain information. Don’t waste another dime on other web sites that cannot deliver real time information. We guarantee every reverse transaction.

Your next case, Insist on using our “Live gateway” that we have established with Cellular and Residential Phone companies to get the facts on any phone number the first time.

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    You supply cell phone number
    We provide real time Name and billing Address ... $69

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    Acquire Cell Phone

    You supply Name & info - We provide Active Cell Phone Number(s) ...

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    Real-time Banking gateway.

    You supply Name and I.D. - We provide real time Bank account info including Balances, Account numbers...$279

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    Reverse Social Security Number

    You supply Name and I.D. - We provide Complete SSN... $15

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    Reverse Phone Lookup

    You supply unlisted phone number - We provide real time Name and Physical Address... $39

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    Utility Search

    You supply Name and I.D. info and location to search - We provide real time Utility address..... $125

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